How can we help you?

Financial Planning

Financial planners help our clients with cash flow management, insurance needs, retirement planning, estate planning, and other aspects of their financial lives. A client’s long-range wealth management plan becomes the road map that guides the other disciplines. We believe an integrated approach to these areas delivers better outcomes for clients and a more pleasant overall experience.

Investment Management

Our investment committee aims to meet client expectations in line with their overall financial plan. We begin by helping clients define their various investment constituencies and determine their ability and willingness to take risk. Our team manages portfolios on a discretionary basis across five different risk profiles from conservative to aggressive. Portfolios are constructed using exchange traded funds, mutual funds, and individual bonds. Many clients come to The Financial Advisory Group with investments that have a low cost basis, and our investment management team is able to navigate around these constraints to deliver a similar portfolio experience while deferring capital gains taxes. Our team is cognizant that portfolios should be handled differently at various stages of a client’s financial life, from accumulation to growth and on to distribution, and manage client accounts accordingly.

Retirement Planning

With proper planning, retirement can be a fulfilling time to enjoy the fruits of your lifelong labor. Our financial advisors help clients understand when and how they can retire in accordance with their personal goals and unique financial circumstances.

Tax Planning Services

Our team of tax professionals prepares a wide variety of tax returns, from individual federal and state returns to trust, estate, and business returns. The tax team works closely with the financial planning and investment management teams to advise on tax efficient strategies and proactively manage our client’s tax compliance needs. While we are not a CPA firm or a law firm, our tax team consists of experienced, licensed, and qualified professionals including CPAs and tax attorneys.

Pension Plan Fiduciary

Business owners have a wide variety of tax advantages available to them, one of which is their ability to create a qualified retirement plan for themselves and their employees. We help clients design and implement a variety of retirement plans that accomplish their goals.

Family Office

For clients with more complex financial lives, we offer family office services such as monthly bill payments. Each engagement is designed for a family’s unique needs and circumstances.