2015 Fourth Quarter Review of the Markets

September 11, 2019
2015 was appropriately described in a recent headline, “The Year Nothing Worked: Stocks, Bonds, Cash Go Nowhere.” The S&P 500 turned in the highest return of major U.S. indices with only a 1.4% return after a bumpy ride throughout the second half.
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2015 Third Quarter Review of the Markets

September 10, 2019
The period between July 1 and September 30 was the worst quarter for equity markets since the debt ceiling debate in 2011 and the first negative quarterly return for the index since 2012. The S&P 500 dropped 6.4%, hurt most by energy stocks as oil prices fell over 20%.
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2015 Second Quarter Review of the Markets

September 8, 2019
The second quarter of 2015 saw continued choppiness in financial markets. The S&P advanced just 0.3% during the quarter bringing the year-to-date return to 1.2%. Markets watched Federal Reserve policy closely and reacted favorably to the Fed’s decision to hold interest rates near zero after their June meeting.
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2015 First Quarter Review of the Markets

September 7, 2019
U.S. stocks and bonds ended the first quarter of 2015 little changed, leveling off after a steep rise over recent years and raising questions about the road ahead. A dramatically strengthening U.S. Dollar and falling oil prices (more on both of these topics later) contributed to the second straight quarter of earnings declines for U.S. companies.
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